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What you quoted above still does not mean that they "own" anything. The licenses granted to them by AInc. presumably are still in effect. If that had changed and AInc had sold KS/WB outright to them, they would've stated it point blank on their website. They haven't AFAI can see. Can you explain this??

"At the end of 2009, in a settlement agreement between Amiga, Inc. (Delaware) and Hyperion Entertainment VOF, the following licensees were listed: Cloanto Italia srl, Haage & Partner Computer GmbH, Data Storage Advisors AG, eGames, Inc., On Broadband Networks, LLC, Envizions, Inc., and Ironstone Partners (until 2015).

Various licenses were reconfirmed in a 2011 agreement between Cloanto and Amiga, Inc. (Delaware). These include the right to sublicense, and are not limited to emulation purposes.

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