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Originally Posted by fstltna View Post
I seem to need a package to install WHDLoad, but when I download the /lha version it says that I need a "installer" for it. Can someone point me to a version of WHDLoad that has the installer and does not need the .lzx extractor? I need help getting this running
Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Grab Installer44.10 from here and copy it to the C: folder of your Workbench.
Hopefully you've come to grips with the WHDLoad basics already, but if you haven't there's an old WHDLoad FAQ that might still be helpful:

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Like DrBong said they are all here:

Instructions on loggin on grandis here:
Yep! Alternatively, try the link below if you're getting a browser prompt for log/pass and prefer not to to use a FTP client.
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