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Originally Posted by mcbpete View Post
Curious about this ... My configs are system based rather than game based (e.g. I've configs called A500 (512k), A500 (1mb), A500+, A1200, CD32), and then run the games based on what system they're for. Is there a benefit of doing this the other way round ?
Firstly, sorry Toni for the off topic...

Hmmm, how best to answer this one...

Most A500 games run with either:

a) OCS or ECS / KS 1.3 / 512KB Chip and 512KB Slow RAM.
b) OCS or ECS / KS 1.3 / 1MB Chip RAM.

Others don't though so may require KS 1.2 or only 512KB Chip RAM for example etc.

Most A1200 games run with:

a) AGA / KS 3.0 / 2MB Chip RAM.

Other don't though so may require KS 3.1 or some Fast RAM.

I also usually adjust other things to best suit a specific game e.g:

a) Chipset: "Cycle-exact" is on the majority of the time but sometimes you need this off. Not to mention a few games require "Immediate Blitter" (quite rare though).
b) Display: is either set as full screen 640x480 or 720x576 for my laptop (no external monitor but connect to my TV via HDMI on occasion).
c) Centering: most of the time horizontal / vertical centering works fine but not always (screens will jump into place which I don't like).
d) Positioning: if centering is switched off due to above then sometimes I need to adjust horizontal / vertical positions manually to have the game centered on screen.
e) Joystick: my default setup (when my Xbox 360 controllers aren't connected) is "Keyboard Layout B". With some games you need to change this to be "Keyboard Layout A" as you need the standard cursor keys. Pinball games are a good example of this.
f) The best disks to be used and added into the number of supported drives. Also, for multi-disk games I use of "Disk Swapper" and setup accordingly.

Then of course there are the hard drive / WHDLoad / AmigaCD games which all require different settings i.e. processor / RAM etc...

I'm sure you get all of the above. I've been using WinUAE since 2005 and have always made one configuration file per game. This means that after making all the desired adjustments I know that when I start the game everything is perfect, no messing around

...but it has taken me years to get my collection to how I like it. It's much the same as what GameBase Amiga does; one configuration per game.

You can see my "sort of" current games list in this thread: Request for any gems. Now imagine trying to remember the best files / required settings for 1690+ games?

...which is what others would have to do if they only have configurations setup by model.

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