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You don't have a clue about what you're saying. DPaint cannot be replaced by a photo editing tool nor by a vector drawing tool. Yer barking up the wrong tree. Those who have really used DPaint know that it cannot be matched
So what can you do in Deluxe Paint that is so impossible in Photoshop? Would love an example of what "cannot be matched"?

Deluxe Paint is antiquated, slow, clumsy, and should have been consigned to the bin of history a long time ago.

Price and space excuses are lame. An Amiga is smaller than a PC, you can set it up almost anywhere without compromising any space
I have four PCs running which I use for work so very little room here for an Amiga to be set up. Then again, it's easier to load WinUAE than unplug the video, DVD, get the amiga out, power supply, plug it all in, stretch the cable from Amiga to the stereo, etc etc It just not worth the hassle for the piss poor things Deluxe Paint is capable of.

Cosmigo Pro-Motion is a pretty cool replacement as well for the PC it you are dedicated to pixel graphics.
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