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Toni Wilen
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Beta 9: (RC1, 1-3 weeks to go)

- Comspec emulation was very unstable in cycle-exact modes.
- Amiga-side key(s) pressed when entering pause state was not correctly released when unpaused.
- Add UAE boot ROM (if not 128k full autoconfig device) fake ConfigDev as earlier (in diag init) to make sure possible rom configured MMU setup knows about the fake autoconfig device (for example m68k AROS with MMU enabled)
- Updated AROS ROM.
- Selecting built-in AROS ROM always opened console window (broke when console window serial input was added).
- Added A590/A2091 v6.1 ROM.
- H CPU history debugger command now also shows all DMA accesses if v DMA debugger is enabled.
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