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Originally Posted by TroelsDK View Post
Copied it on to the CF-card with WinImage, but it's not booting in the actual RocHard... It originally has a 170MB Conner CP30174E HD which works fine, except it won't boot without a KS2 ROM which I don't have... The RocHard has the updated V2 PROMs.... Using a 40-44 IDE adapter... But that's a different problem...
It could be your CF card is not compatible with the Amiga using the IDE adaptor/converter you have. Some info about issues which might arise:

Individual Computers' TrueIDE may or may not help.

Another thing to consider though, is the different drive geometries. Your CF card will report a specific C/H/S geometry in its IDENTIFY DEVICE data. Your WinUAE config will be using a different geometry.

Try to determine your CF card's geometry. You could do that by connecting it (via IDE adaptor) to a PC, then run hdparm in Linux. Or maybe there's a PDF manual/specification for your specific card which gives that info?
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