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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
First is I've noticed that the 'min' buffer seems quite high with my card (sb x-fi titanium pcie). I know that using the updated HDAudio driver in conjunction with onboard audio will allow lower limit, but is there any way to force a lower limit with the x-fi card? I could get away with setting max_buffer as low as 256 before pull was implemented.
It was size of temp buffer, not the real buffer size. Result was worse latency than current method. (You can't force hardware/driver to use buffer sizes it refuses to support)

Here's my startup log with 'min' buffer + low latency vsync. Notice the illegal instruction - this does not appear with other buffer settings.. only 'min'.
You should a bit more testing and notice that it happens even if sound is disabled...

It is KS CPU type check and perfectly normal.

My other question:
Since using pull mode, I have run many hundreds of OCS demos in CE mode and the vast majority have perfect audio with min buffer setting. However there have been rare cases where certain demos require huge buffer or non vsync mode for audio to be glitch free.
Current case is ASS by Essence.. unless I set to maximum buffer or disable low latency vsync there are audio pops/glitch throughout the entire demo. I'm not getting any pull errors in the log, and CPU usage is always low (~50%).. any idea what could cause this?
CPU usage may not work reliably in pull mode. Easy check: try direct sound, if glitches: it is due to CPU usage (even easier to confirm by switching CE off on the fly).
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