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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Its an interesting idea, but the c64 was pretty much dead in 1989 when your proposed timeline starts and consoles are a different beast.
Erm,I have to disagree somewhat,Creatures 1 & 2,Turrican 1 & 2, Ghouls'n'Ghosts,Myth, Last Ninja 3,Turbocharge etc. amongst several other games showed there was still some life in the C64 market,(At least in the UK/Europe),with most of them released AFTER '89.

I would think it depended on the game type really. Lucasarts & Sierra graphic adventures going to CD-Rom,(D.O.T.T. etc.), was one area where the Amiga with relatively low numbers of HD owners just couldn't compete against. And of course the move towards realtime 3D RPG's,& texture mapping 3D flight sims was another killer.
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