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Originally Posted by clebin View Post
Magellan's not a like-for-like swap and very "Marmite". For some it's a perfect WB replacement but personally I just don't like it.

I am partial to a bit of Marmite on my crumpets however (if this means anything to anyone outside the UK!)
I had to google Marmite

I assume you do not like Marmite I guess

Magellan is very configurable, you could configure it like 3.1, of course you would not use many of its features then. I personal have nothing against Wanderer but it requires a lot of work to get it on a competitive level. Magellan is there and its open source. Alternativ there is Scalos too but Magellan has the advantage to be not dependent on Zune so you are much more flexible than if you use Wanderer or Scalos.

My answer was because someone mentioned 3.9 supports AREXX and my answer is you can use Magellan if you like with full AREXX-Support. Of course it would make sense to general update Wanderer for all AROS-Platforms but here we talk about 68k now.
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