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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Was it the same game on both systems? I assume it was a rewrite and not a quick port (there are quite a few PS2 games ported to the PC these days that suck ass).

I checked mobygames and F29 came out in 1991 for the PC, thats before the A1200 was out. Are you saying that even with the release of the Amiga 1200 amiga games were not as good as PC games were in 1991 or just the flight sims?

I dont remember very well,. what I remember specially is that peecee version had clouds and a degree on the sky. Some amiga flightsims had also degree in sky, but they usually were copper bars which do not rotate with horizon.
That was very amazing to me at that time, and that it was fucking smooth without slowdowns. (amiga slowdowns let the spectacularity went down)

also, at that time anybody knew anything about news amiga.. at least at my town.

So that was the very first time I felt peecees were overpassing amiga. later was the release of Apache, WingCommander..
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