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going one by one:


i think wanderer has async functionality

ACTION - AVI & Quicktime-Player

aros has several players, ffmpeg port amomg others, but also old amp2, which i tried and partly succeded to compile for 68, however ran into linking problems, since it was meant for warpos initially. i can share work with anyone who wants to, but i doubt this application has much value apart of historical. anyway playing such media on 68k may be a bit problematic anyway except with vampire, and they have a player already, ahich will certainly work with aros.

MPEGA.Library - Software MP3-Decoder

aros has mpega.library

PlayCD - New CD-Player

aros has cd-player (in contribs, one by salass i think)

CacheCDFS - CD ROM Support (*3.5)

aros has cd-rom support

AWEB 3.4 Special Edition - Internet-Browser

aros has owb, webkit based css browser. odyssey to come, perhaps. 68k asl netsurf works, netsurf itself might be included into contributions or ports, along with itix mui gui, if anyone wanted to put some work into this.

Internet / Network Access - TCP/IP Stack

aros has an amiga compatible network stack built in

AmigaMAIL - E-Mail Client (*3.5)

aweb was working on aros last time i tested (also 68k version on aros68k). it could be contributed, i guess.

RAWBInfo & several other tools

aros has most of that if not all, i guess. colorwheel gadget of 3.9 even comes from aros i think. id have to look in detail.

Automatic file type recognition

aros has this.

Improved Libraries & System Tools

bit vague. at least icon library exceeds the functionality of 3.9 one i think. you can scale icons to a bounding box. png support, the like.

Find & Clock

may be missing.

IomegaTools - tools for Zip and Jazz drives
New Shell & many other tools

iomega is obsolete
math libs are up to date
shell is improved, with history and such
fix fonts and font management is improved, ttf support sll the way
rexx is buggy

Unpacker Tool

XAD Library - Universal Decruncher System

xad and a choice of gui unpacker tools available

Improved Prefs

iprefs, ahi prefs, screenmode prefs, wb patterns backrounds all present. much more functionality.

Glow Icons - New Icon Style (*3.5)

can be used.

WarpOS Prefs

warpos doenst make sense in this context imho.

HDToolBox - Harddisk Toolkit (*3.5)

tool is present.

NSDPatch - Support for Harddisks >4GB (*3.5)

not needed, support for big volumes is built in.

HDwrench.library (*3.5)

as above.

Text-Editor-Gadget (*3.5)

is missing i think
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