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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
I use my real Amiga because CSPPC's emulation (more pointed to 060's MMU I'm sure) isn't as accurate yet as my Amiga 4000 Desktop's CSPPC. Even if I switch off "Fastest possible" "Black Gold" even with the updates from WHDLoad, still plays faster through WinUAE and is always accurate with my real Amiga. Most games are like this. I'm okay with switching that off and having "Accurate A500/1200..." enabled to get the almost correct speeds when playing.
This has been mentioned many times.

From CPU point of view (especially if 68060) Amiga chipset/chip ram access speed is horribly slow so you really need "memory cycle exact" to slow down the CPU enough to match real Amigas. Speed difference can be easily over 10x vs onboard accelerator fast RAM.

Same would happen with any hardware reimplementations that don't simulate slow chip ram/registers.

Technically this is also whdload slave bug.
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