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>Those were the first versions to have an end user license agreement that forbids reverse engineering.

Are you sure? I seem to recall a similar clause in earlier versions but could not find a copy of the 3.1 EULA, is there a scan available somewhere? Anyway EULAs are generally unenforceable not just in Europe but even in the USA, last time I checked. Plus of course adding support for such functionality would not necessarily require reverse engineering. The official line as I understand it is that every existing part of AROS has been done without reverse engineering.


There are brief feature lists at and but for the full changelogs you will need the OS3.9 NDK. And if you use the Developer Companion from Aminet or my site it provides an easy interface to the changelogs, just click the "Release Notes" gadget. There are hundreds of improvements and it would not be feasible for me to list them all here.

ReAction is a major and important component, yes, but there are many other areas of the OS that were upgraded. Obviously not everything could be done at once. ClassAct is a very early and buggy implementation of ReAction; there was a reason these classes were upgraded by H&P rather than just incorporated as-was. They would not need to all be replaced from scratch, there is an OpenReAction project that could be used as a starting point.
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