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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
1. Booting AROS68k/Wanderer on A1200, A600 and A4000 (perhaps A3000 and Vampire as a bonus) without any bootstrap mechanism (using AOS to load the AROS kickrom and the maprom the AROS kick is what already works today)
so how do you want to boot it if not softkicking it from an amiga rom? you imagine a reboot cycle is necessary to install replacement, right? 3.9 does the same.

btw, anyone who has a 1mb rom adapter/switcher can flash their own roms alright i guess. i think toni did something like that with an aca card. still it isnt wost convenient solution today, when improvements to the whole systemare being provided daily.

2. a certain score in AIBB on a similar selection of Amigas (individual scores for each model to account for the different hardwares) to ensure a good user experience (it seems that much of the common accusation of AROS being slower than molasses on a winter day comes from the graphics subsystem)

tests like aibb score eactly the same on aros and amigaos for the most part as far as i remember. its not the simple drawing functions that lack, the penalties are probably rather higher level, calling these functions.

3. something for the looks. It's difficult do define a bounty for this, though. Ideally Wanderer should look both good and like a legitimate replacement for WB
i have some planar iff skin and a few iff icons id like to contribute to aros at some point. the problem is aros converts these icons to full color internally and maps them back even on planar, which partly defeats the advantage of using them, especially the dedicated transparent pen.

4. Wanderer should become a feature complete replacement for WB 3.1 (not sure how much is missing)
wanderer prefs are not being read and saved properly on big endian. i know where the problem is, but cant or couldnt fix it up till now due to being c illiterate. besides there is graphics glitch i detailed lister mode, when decoration is turned off. i think a number of things could be optimized, in particular when loading icons in the lister (window). few years ago kalamatee mentioned he had a private upgrade to wanderer at hand, im curious what it is.

5. perhaps define an upper margin for the memory footprint like "must do all the above with 8MB fastmem of which 4MB must be available after boot"
aros needs 1mb to boot without the s-s and 6,5 mb to boot to wanderer. paerhaps this usage can yet be minimized disabling features, for instance not loading the whole set of usb classes while early startup, especially on a platform that has no usb hardware at all.

6. perhaps select a list of standard applications that must work on AROS68k (theoretically everything should work, no idea whether it dies)
mostb standard amiga applications i can think of work with aros. games that exclusively rely on some chipset features not correctly supported on aros may not (ask toni). im open for proposals, about what doesnt work and needs to be made working.

one example that comes to my mind is hd-rec. it has a graphical glitch that prevents proper usage especiylly when recording. i have dsicussed it with toni. there is workaround, but no final fix.
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