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3. If you swich off themes, you get something that looks just like 2.x/3.x. It's also easy to install Mason icons or something like that. Generally it's up to the distro to decide the look & feel. I agree that a better default theme/icon set would help if only because it appears so much in screenshots and gives people a false impression.

4. Wanderer does a lot of things that Workbench doesn't - it can behave in a traditional 'spatial' Workbench-like way or more like a file browser. It's not so much filling in features but polishing what's there AFAICT. I'm not sure about the status of Wanderer's ARexx (Regina) port vs Workbench though. Kalamatee had/has a branch of Wanderer with new features including plugins, so that you can have a pane with a file-tree for example. Not sure on the status of it but Kalamatee has a lot on his plate already!

There is a lighter weight ROMable solution called Workbook but it lacks even basic functionality. There is already a bounty for improving it. Rather than an endless compromise between features and speed, I think Workbook could become a solution for low-end 68k with Wanderer aimed at higher-end 68k and modern hardware.

7. What features from 3.5/3.9 does AROS lack, besides Reaction? I'd prefer to see Zune reach parity with MUI4 first although I've nothing against Reaction.

Another thing to look at is to find the paper-cuts initiative that happened some years ago. The aim of that project was identify and fix a lot of minor bugs with the aim to improving the experience for end-users. Plenty of good things came out of it but not all of it was completed. For example, there are a few bugs in the way AROS handles custom screens which I flagged up (just to get my pet peeve in there!). There'll be a series of issues like that which will help with the fit & finish.
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