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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
You don't have to be as delusional as Tramiel. He alienated his retailers and was hence forced to buy a retail chain of his own, which dragged Atari Corporation down.
There is nothing delusional: he do same with Commodore 64 and it was right thing to do as you can see by Commodore growth in profit.
That was simply his business strategy which he, btw, repeat publicly in every interview: "I believe that my customer is smart enough and that he will buy computer in any store for best price"!

Yes, Federated Trade stores suck almost 100$ from Atari Corporation and was one of main reason for Atari (premature?) dismiss.

When you get book back, please find me that claims. I never read Brian Bagnall's since Jack Tramiel did not give interview for him but eventually I will.
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