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GitHub -- effectively a developer social network -- is where most developers around the world hang out, and it integrates with Bountysource, which is what I will use to disseminate the bounties. It is my requirement that all issues which will have bounties attached be tracked there. It is not a requirement that all development takes place there. Far from it.

I'm asking comparatively very little; nothing of any significance has to change.

Meanwhile, we could discuss actual bounties? Here are some that were sent to me via private message:

1. Booting AROS68k/Wanderer on A1200, A600 and A4000 (perhaps A3000 and Vampire as a bonus) without any bootstrap mechanism (using AOS to load the AROS kickrom and the maprom the AROS kick is what already works today)

2. a certain score in AIBB on a similar selection of Amigas (individual scores for each model to account for the different hardwares) to ensure a good user experience (it seems that much of the common accusation of AROS being slower than molasses on a winter day comes from the graphics subsystem)

3. something for the looks. It's difficult do define a bounty for this, though. Ideally Wanderer should look both good and like a legitimate replacement for WB

4. Wanderer should become a feature complete replacement for WB 3.1 (not sure how much is missing)

5. perhaps define an upper margin for the memory footprint like "must do all the above with 8MB fastmem of which 4MB must be available after boot"

6. perhaps select a list of standard applications that must work on AROS68k (theoretically everything should work, no idea whether it dies)

People who are most informed about the project should speak up; a healthy and fruitful discussion about how each bounty should be defined and rewarded in proportion to the others is what we would ideally get out of this.
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