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Originally posted by Akira
You don't have a clue about what you're saying. DPaint cannot be replaced by a photo editing tool nor by a vector drawing tool. Yer barking up the wrong tree. Those who have really used DPaint know that it cannot be matched
I do have a clue what I'm saying, and I have used DPaint - a lot. But the truth is, anyone who's used Photoshop would know that it's not just a photo edititing tool. It can do anything DPaint could do and more besides (with the single exception of animation). DPaint was fine in its day, but that day has long since passed.

Price and space excuses are lame. An Amiga is smaller than a PC, you can set it up almost anywhere without compromising any space
How do you work that one out? The minimum spec for a productive Amiga is an A1200 with 030. I had a tower case for mine, but even if you ran it from the normal case, it's still not tiny. Then you need a monitor. I certainly don't have room for another monitor - and even if some sort of monitor sharing thing exists, it'd still be impractical.

and you can get one for almost nothing today.
A decent Amiga would cost a lot more than my 2.5ghz PC cost me, and even then I'd be forced to use software that was at least eight years old. I can't justify that expenditure, especially when my PC can run Amiga software at 3 times the speed of a 060 setup.
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