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Re: HELP: 3 Game Problems.

Originally posted by kevingpo
1. I can run Another World but I assume it requires a joystick. For the input config I use mouse as primary, keyboard a as secondary. Does anyone know how to get Another World to work without a joystick, and use keyboard only?

2. Super Frog ADF. I get stuck on the cracker's screen. Has anyone got further than this screen?

3. Dark Seed ADF. Has anyone found that the text font is horizontally cut in half and bottom half is missing for each line? How do you fix this?
1. If you set input 2 to Keyboard then it should work, but it uses really stupid key combinations, so you need to play around with the keys and find out what they are, also try the different layouts (A B and C).

2. Works fine for me, try grabbing a different version -

3. Sorry, not played the game.
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