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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Hoho, just look at all these roadblocks being revealed as a mirage!
One of the biggest ones is the insistence on GitHub because it's more than just a version control system. There are plenty of options out there that also meet this requirement, although I'll admit not all of them are free for more than a small amount of people. Often times however, free accounts are available for open source teams / projects. The Atlasssian tools are a good example.

Even Microsoft's (shock horror!) Visual Studio Online, which actually I think they just rebranded again supports issue tracking Agile / Kanban planning boards, sprints, collaboration etc. I use that in my day job even though I develop for Linux / Mac. OK, I don't think that one would work because I don't think they have a free option for open source projects, but my point remains the same.

Anyway, will go back to lurking now.
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