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Originally Posted by grond View Post
AROS being open source sure makes some closed source stuff less critical to be open sourced.

Still a matter of opinion I guess. And it's also a matter of acceptance. I accept that people think AROS is they way to go (and even think there is quite some truth in that). I hope people also accept that if a thread is about open sourcing currently closed source software, they accept that as well even if they don't fully agree to that.

I think that even if AROS was 200% better than the original, Kickstart and Workbench should be released as open source for the history of that. It gives also some perspective about how it was coded, perhaps some insight in illogical choices made, hardware bugs that were worked around and most of all; it's a part of history. In that way, AROS is perhaps "our future" for some or all of us, but it is a new and different product and not the original.

So simply put, I don't ask you to forget about AROS. I ask for the respect that someone else can have a different opinion and view. You can try to alter it, but that is not the point of this thread. Open a new "AROS should be the future for all Amiga's" and I hope I can one day run it on my unmodded Amiga 500 as well. Because that is also why I would like the original code to be open sourced.
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