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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
You should at least appear to be open about any possible solution, wawa.
i always was.

I will accept AROS as my solution of choice once it looks, feels and reacts on my machines like OS3.9 does.
yet you dont want to put any effort towards it, just demands?

Until then, any alternative is welcome, be it a stripped down OS4 on 68k or just the original.
and who do you think is going to do that for you?

aros already works on amiga, yesterday evening i have fired it up with a4000/040/aga and run some stuff for testing.

os4 does not. so its other way around. its not that you can use os4 in the meantime before aros is perfected. you can use aros in the mentime before os4 is even ported to 68k, which likely what never happens.

Neither I nor many others are willing to spend lots of time (which we don't have) testing or writing bug reports for something which we already have in its original form to build our own projects upon.
thats fine. everybody has his own life. but how do you expect os4 for 68k ever to happen that way? who is gonna do that? olsen? thor? all alone? why do you think it will happen just like that?

besides aros is built for compatibility. it shouldnt affect your projects. you just carry on as previous. your prisma megamix driver probably even works on aros as is.. same as other genuine 68k drivers and binares usually do.

Please accept that.

No one is trying to put AROS in a corner. There are different tastes, though.
im fine with it. it is simply your choice. i think im simply offering a viable opportunity. instead of utopic demands. take it or leave it.

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