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Thanks for your measured response and good points. Is there any case history with valid reverse-engineering projects being taken down from GitHub? I see a number of reverse engineering projects hosted or mirrored there without issue already:

In my opinion, there isn't an issue here, and the worst that happens is the mirror gets taken down and I have to personally go and fight with GitHub about it. If anyone knows anything more specific, a case history in particular, especially modern, I'd like to hear about it. Otherwise this feels to me like hearsay.

About the apparent conflict. I see a reasonable compromise: I am at this point asking only that the issues that have bounties attached to them be tracked/discussed on GitHub. Putting aside all that I said about why I believe GitHub to be a vastly improved user experience, it is also something of a helpful convenience for me when issuing the bounties in the first place. The tight integrations with Bountysource and other modern bounty platforms just makes this simple.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not entirely apolitical in doing this. But I hope you can all believe what @clebin inferred about my intentions at least, and accept this compromise. I'd really like to get on with the bounties already.
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