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I am not picking the fight, Kalamatee. Indeed I am an AROS lover almost as much as I am an Amiga lover. That said ... yes, I have an idea of the related amount of work. Yes, I know that Intuition is All C except a few asm and bcpl headers, yes I know that DOS is a mess, and that Graphics is mostly bound to the custom chips, thanks. As for the rest, I invite you to consider the meaning of "arbitrary simplification of the concept". if I could open-source only a limited number of components, I'd gladly get the mentioned ones.

You are doing an amazing job on AROS. Your energies are better spent on creating great stuff in AROS land than bursting our dreamy bubbles in Amiga land

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Do you have any idea of the amount of work involved? And sorry to burst your bubble but some critical parts will still be written in ASM.

No that certainly doesn't define an Amiga - it defines a subset of AmigaOS that wouldn't even run together without a bunch of other components.
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