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You should at least appear to be open about any possible solution, wawa.

When I met Aaron Digulla at the Cologne Amiga fair back in '9x, he and others had just started the AROS project. I personally gave him all the credit he deserved back then and I've been checking out AROS releases regularly ever since. I will accept AROS as my solution of choice once it looks, feels and reacts on my machines like OS3.9 does. Until then, any alternative is welcome, be it a stripped down OS4 on 68k or just the original. Neither I nor many others are willing to spend lots of time (which we don't have) testing or writing bug reports for something which we already have in its original form to build our own projects upon. That does not mean we won't appreciate your efforts or those of the AROS contributors. I look at the AROS source from time to time, comparing implementations and learning how things work. Which is helpful and interesting, but that's about it. Please accept that.

No one is trying to put AROS in a corner. There are different tastes, though.
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