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Originally posted by jmmijo
For me it would have to be around the Quake/Quake 2 timeframe. It really went ballistic for me when Half-Life came out

However, there is a vast difference between the two platforms, since I'd have to say that really the Demos/Megademos on the Amiga just plain kicked any machines ass, past, present and still into the future. There are some great PC demos to be sure but they, for some reason, don't have the same look and sound quality that the Amiga gives you.

Again, I strayed from the specific topic a bit, but I think in a way, demos are really a peak into the technology that powers them, this is why the Amiga is so far ahead of it's time.

Guess I'm getting a bad cause of nastalgia here, so I'll leave it at that
I never thaught demo's were a good indicator of what a machine could do because they used 100% of the resources of the machine just for eye candy and sound. Alot of the cpu power in some games goes for AI of the enemy, storing maps in memory, user interface, different levels and screens etc.

I seen demo's on the PS2 and some nvidia cards for the PC that were fancier then any game for those particular machinese ever could make use of while doing other things.

I can tell that AI in current games really take up cpu time like when I play Age Of Empires: The conquerors with 5 computers and 200 units each the xp1500 system slows down a bit.
I assume the AI in amiga games would be fighting for processor power also (and there is less to go around).

BTW Quake came out in 1996, way after the amiga's were not competative with PC's for gaming (I think dos games peaked in quality about 1994, win95 came out in 1995-6 or so and everything started going directx)

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