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Originally posted by Akira
You don't have a clue about what you're saying. DPaint cannot be replaced by a photo editing tool nor by a vector drawing tool. Yer barking up the wrong tree. Those who have really used DPaint know that it cannot be matched (well, maybe by Brilliance? Never used it, but someone mentioned it)

Price and space excuses are lame. An Amiga is smaller than a PC, you can set it up almost anywhere without compromising any space, and you can get one for almost nothing today.
A bare bones A500 is cheap. A A1200 bare bones is inexpensive. A fully upgraded machine with an 060/PPC lots of memory, flicker fixer, svga monitor, large disk drive cdrom etc (basically a full scale towered machine) cost more then a current new PC and can do considerably less.

There is nothing wrong with using a slightly upgraded a500/1200 for word processing, games, some apps, email etc. But to do large scale data manipulation, most web work, graphics your better off with a new machine of your choice.

There are lots of obsolete computers (mac, amiga, pc, os/2, sgi, etc) that can do meaningfull work for a home user for little or no money IF you can find the software for them. I am surprised what i can get an real old 68k mac to do when upgraded slightly and using applications of the era. Dont forget that during the 80's to mid 90's everybody in the world used them to design everything that came after them.
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