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Hi Toni thank you once again for the work you do, thanks to winuae today I use amiga as once, thank you very much indeed.
At the time personally use winuae with 3.9 is all the various add-ons released Amikit AfaOS and so on. etc.
My thanks also goes to them for all the improvements that I make.

I now also use OS4.1 update1
From my point of view the emulation is perfect, certainly I can not continuously report small defects that you said were there.
Ever since I wrote the last time I configured the ppc emulation best,
Even not having a recent PC, I only have an A8 3510mx quad core notebook from my point of view I'm satisfied.
Of course there is something that keeps me crazy :-)
Emotion Player turns extremely fast and fluid audio is perfect only sometimes does it feel a little delay in sound synchronization, but that was something you already explained to me.
It would be nice to understand for me how I could remove this little imperfection, but as you said, it depended on video and audio sync.
I hope that in the near future you will want and time to perfect this ppc emulation.

And thank you again for your work that I really appreciate.
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