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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i think i could have pissed off neil or nick before once or twice.
Not half as many times as I have pissed people off


As usual people seem to be getting a bit worked up over a simple discussion, however they do raise valid points about why things are the way they are and cannot be changed in some cases (particularly the reverse engineering aspect, and how that relates to where the code is hosted).

The main point is - nothing stops someone setting something like you describe on GitHub already (and as pointed out there is already a mirror etc, however that's something you would need to discuss with Jason), however the "AROS Devs" will not be the ones maintaining it since it is enough work actually developing/testing AROS (and why they "contribute" in the first place) - they just don't have the time/resources to take on such an extra burden, nor the desire for such responsibility.

AROS isn't a commercial product or owned by an individual/organization, so approaching it as such or treating it like it should be will not go far, its an open source operating system, nothing more nothing less - there isn't even a provision for an actual "distribution" other than the test's released as the nightly ISO's and that is also for a reason, because we would prefer a community with different distributions of AROS in different configurations that suit more than just a small group, and the people maintaining those distributions to then have the freedom to set them up the way they see fit, with the components they see fit to use (from AROS or other sources such as aminet) like AfA, AROS vision, ICAros, Broadway, AspireOS...

We also try to not favour any particular distributions way of doing things, or let any one "party" push the direction AROS goes in.

I'm sure for people who haven't been involved in AROS and aren't that interested in the politics, some of the reasons might seem overkill or unnecessary - but there are legal ramifications about many things that cant be dismissed, or summed up without quoting years of discussions on the mailing list. Suffice to say we don't have the authority to relicense other peoples code that has been contributed under the pretence of the APL license, and we cant afford to put the code or developers in situations where the legality of developing AROS or components it has inherited over the years is put at risk. Any discussions around those subjects will be futile.
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