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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I actually think a stand-alone Apollo computer makes much more sense than attaching it to a 25 year old Amiga motherboard.
i tend to disagree. apart of the whole emotional load that such an old amiga device brings to the table, technically required or not, at least as justification of some legacy. there is a rational argument to this. and easy to prove just taking the historical development of natami/vampire/apollo initiative into account. i quote them all in the same context, where they consequently belong according to my view.

natami, which kicked off all that movement was too ambitious, too complete and too complex a device to start with. the softcore that came into play shortly thereafter needed to be tested against a stable reference. therefore a simple accelerator design was more appropriate to introduce and to debug, taking an opportunity of engagement, a crowd of early adopters happened to provide. this is where we are now. subsequently adding features to cpu implementation an introduction of a standalone is a logical next step. but then im still more attracted by a potential a1200 version, funny enough.

It's also expect AROS 68k will get a lot more development because of these new boards along with an uplift of older 68k software and development tools (which has already been happening to a degree).
i hope so. we have been patient enough. for nothing. still there are people who think, its less legit..
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