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Yup, that was exactly my point.

Of course nothing can stop this guy from trying out the development of an amiga emu but don't expect it to be of interest to anybody but himself and a few people who are interested in how it works to develop a new emu. As a hobby project the development will be to slow for me to care, and when it'll actually do something WinUAE will already be even more light years ahead towards perfection.

If you guys have suggestions for the interface etc I think it's better that you give 'em to the WinUAE development team, actually I think it would be better if this guy (who wants to do the new emu) and others willing to help out would try to contribute to the WinUAE emu. It's a great emu but it can always become even better... And I'm sure the development team just love to hear about what people think. (I miss Toni's comments to this thread).
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