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I was really anti-emulation when I had my Amiga (around 1997/8). But looking back, it was a little illogical. Less so than now, since computers in those days couldn't really run UAE at high speeds.

My current PC runs WinUAE at well over three times the speed of a 060 machine, and plays virtually everything I've thrown at it. An actual Amiga is even inferior in some ways, because of incompatibilities between different machines. WinUAE can be any Amiga you like.

Most of the anti-emulation arguments are sentimental and have no real basis in logic. I mean, DPaint? Why would I even want to run DPaint in the first place? I have Photoshop and Illustrator here.

I love the Amiga as much as the next die-hard social inadequate, but not everyone can afford/has the space for an entire Amiga setup alongside their PC. Emulation isn't lame, it's the only way that the Amiga is going to live on.

Unless, that is, someone launches a new, powerful and innovative Amiga machine. Unfortunately, the Amiga One appears to be a sort of 21st century Atari ST, so I don't hold out much hope.
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