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Yes, it was all seeded there from the start. Of course I can't and won't force anyone to do anything; its up to you guys. If you want to work with me on this, check out my suggested path (really check it out), and let me know if it suits you. If the answer is "it just doesn't" or "fuck off", fair enough. Lets talk about it. For now though, the minimum GitHub scenario described above is absolutely a stipulation of these bounties. Which is not to say that we cannot discuss some alternatives, but if you want to get into that debate, please do try to be as informed as possible about what I am suggesting and (maybe more importantly) why I am suggesting it. If anyone would care to explain why the dev-UX nightmare that exists presently is somehow importaint to maintain, I am all ears -- but definitely skeptical.


To be clear, I don't want to lead the AROS project and am in no way angling for that. I do however want to see some significantly nicer onboarding for developers (not to mention technical users that wish to interact in any with the development). GitHub gives you this in a convenient pill, so lets bring the mountain to the people already. We've already determined that nothing radical has to be done other than turning on the "Issues" for a mirror repo, and tracking new issues (and existing issues that we'll add bounties to) there. Of course I'd like to see more integration, but we've already come a long way and I am confident that the full transition will happen after a toe is dipped into the water.

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