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I'm just coming back to this thread - I don't remember all those demands being in the opening post when I replied. Am I going mad?

I know your heart's in the right place wXR but again you're going about things in the wrong way. You've come in acting like you have all the answers but how many questions have you asked?

There are people who've put thousands of hours of work into AROS - wouldn't it be sensible to ask for their wisdom before you tell everyone what the magic bullet is? It's a little better than the prevous "you're all parasites - let's negotiate!" conversation but it's not brilliant that you've pissed off a key developer before the work's even been defined. EDIT: The parasites thing was a bit below the belt sorry, but a different approach would help. I'm not disputing the value of GitHub either by the way, just that it's up to the devs to make that call.

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