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You clearly don't understand what GitHub is, or what purpose it serves. I'll give you a hint though, GitHub ≠ git. Spend some time there if you want to understand what I am trying to say. I'm not going to answer this question again and again.

I will however answer your comment about Sourceforge: I'm sure they set it up that way because it all happened long ago, before there was git, GitHub, or many other nice modern tools and services. And because the project remained a hobby for a few people who were already onboarded, no doubt there also hasn't been much consideration given to improving the developer (both potential and actual) user experience, nor the community experience of interacting with what is going on. Which is why it is stuck in the year 2002, at best.

Given the kinds of responses to relatively simple questions that I've seen on aros-exec ("check the mailing list"), that's definitely one of the last places I would want to make a rational, user experience-motivated plea. And in any case, we don't need everyone on board, we just need (as strim pointed out) issues turned on in some GitHub-based AROS mirror, relevant issues created or migrated, and bounties prioritized (here, on aros-exec, or anywhere). Past that point, discussion takes place in the context of the issue itself. And this need only concern m68k-related issues for the time being.

That's an acceptable starting point.
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