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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Sourceforge is a platform that no developer these days wants to touch with a 10 foot pole.
im not well informed about the matter. but isnt it a bit rude trying to impose your way on people actually working on a project? apparently their opinoin differs from yours, otherwise why would they setup their repo this way?

im also not sure what your links are being supposed to prove and how the situation could be improved simply choosing another versioning system. but im eager to hear an informed explanation.

other than that id say, like strim proposes, if they agree to that, setup another git mirror with the features, you wish for ,enabled. the question is to keep the repos in sync.

id welcome strims contributions very much. radoslaw seems to be a valuable coder. i have though always had an impression that he doesnt value aros very much. hmm?
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