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A collection of links, to illustrate what I mean about lack of continuity and the poor user experience of getting involved:

1. Issues (for some reason called "bugs" by Sourceforge)

Sourceforge is a platform that no developer these days wants to touch with a 10 foot pole. It has a poor, 10-year-old design which unforgivably doesn't serve what I believe is the the main purpose of such platforms: building community engagement around a project.

2. Mailing list

This list's archives are not open to review unless one signs up for the mailing list. Fundamentally this means that almost no one on the outside a small circle is going to bother. I see comments on various topics on aros-exec which say, "check the mailing list", and I just think, come on.

3. Bounties

Nice try, but as an independent site, it fails by not being connected directly to issues, as described in my original post.

Lets do a little upgrade to some of this, for the sake of everyone's sanity. Now we know that we don't have to swap out the actual version control mechanism (yet, because we have a workaround for now in the mirroring), but lets at least centralize issues at GitHub, so we can begin to take advantage of what GitHub offers in terms of social mechanics.

I'd be glad to help with research and to assist in porting what is necessary.
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