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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Don't take this as dropping a turd in the punch bowl, but does AROS work with Mediator or does it have any PPC support like WarpOS?

I realize the thread is AROS68K but if one were to take the assumption that AROS was to be the one Amiga-like OS to rule them all, wouldn't native (not linux hosted) PPC support be a good thing for the NG Amigas as well?
aros has prometheus and mediator boards specific code in the repository, but i think a number of things must be missing for it to work. interrupts? i can volunteer to test with my mediator a4kdi mk1 board if anyone wants to pick the task to complete it. here are the hidd sources:

now i know im raining on your parade a bit, but i dont think warpos support is something parrticularly necessary on aros. warpos applications are few. everything needs too be compiled against it. toolchain isnt up to date, is hard to find and receives a little interest i think. and i imagine programming a warpos application to be tricky, likely more error prone than regular 68k one.

i applaud your project, but i think to concentrate on faster 68k hardware is a better way of improvement. thats the reason im a bit indifferent about apollo core ammx extensions. but since they are inlined in the same cpu structure i am thinking they are easier to deal with in comparison with dealing with two different cpu architectures in one binary at the same time.
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