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I have made one specific demand actually: the use of GitHub. GitHub is a social network for developers that integrates with a version contol system. The reason its featureset is important was stated in my original post: The current "user experience" of getting involved with the AROS development community is extremely poor, because the different aspects of it are spread across many domains, all running ancient software. Moving the whole development community (discussion, issues, bounties) to a platform like GitHub effectively solves that.

Finally, as I've said numerous times, I am less pushing a specific version control system than I am strongly encouraging a unified place to work and discuss development. It would be nice if GitHub supported SVN and CVS, but alas, it doesn't. However, as also mentioned earlier, strim has made some kind of nice tool chain for Hedeon already, which allows native development using an older version control system. I've invited him to come here and comment about that.
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