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Originally posted by Drake1009

Actually I'm not so concerned about the storyline since I never completed F2B so I wouldn't know where it left off anyway.
Then I misunderstood you I would preffer the game to be based on the original, since what you have said about GBC conversions of 3D games is true.

About Nintendo being lazy, I kind of agree. I dont mind because I dont have a SNES (yet ), but most SNES users can get fed up with rehash after rehash. I mean, A LOT of GBA games are straight shovelware from the SNES. If Yoshi's Story is any indication of Nintendo fucking up great 2D games, then I think your assumption is correct, Burge.

And Marz, I dont like Wario, the character, and I never liked the GB/C games. They didn't feel right.

[by the way, this thread should be in General gaming discussion =]
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