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Final status report: Powerglove is finished now und will be available though RGCD ( "soon". (as well as Tiger Claw)

post mortem

It was fun to program for the Amiga again after so many years:
- I really "missed" decoding mysterious guru numbers
- every time the maestro sends music updates, there's an out of chipmem error: Obviously, for musicians "max. 100k" are 125228 bytes...
- it took so much time to draw the 32 color graphics (I am not an artist)
- Is it smart to recycle 20 year old assembler code? I had a hard time fixing bugs in there: What was I thinking? How did that old game do its job despite these error? I have no idea.
- my structured (*couch*) code revealed hidden compiler errors
- this game probably has one of the 10 worst copper lists EVER! And the list wasn't emulated correctly in UAE and had problems on my CD32 (always test on the real hardware!)

Anyway, without vasm, vbcc, UAE, the game wouldn't exist!

Thank you all for the feedback! If I ever will make an Amiga game again, I would be happy to post updates here. (No, there are currently no plans for more Amiga games, sorry)

More infos in the news section in due time...
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