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Perhaps this is a demonstration of how pathetically obsessed I am with all things Amiga as of late, but I actually had this dream last night:

I received a new "Amiga 1200". I rolled it out of the box, plugged in the 50/60 110-240 universal power supply, and connected one end of an HDMI cable to the Amiga, and one end to a 16:9 flat-panel. Flipped it on, booted it up almost instantly. I ran legacy Amiga apps using custom chips, and RTG stuff alike. All ran perfectly under an enhanced AROS68K.

Guys, can we make this vision a reality? We have producing cases, keycaps, and soon the keyboard mechanisms themselves. We have the Apollo team opening up the SAGA core, and some real movement in the world of AROS68K. Why can't we just put all of these together and make a new "classic" Amiga? It seems like the opportunity is just sitting there.
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