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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Don't take this as dropping a turd in the punch bowl, but does AROS work with Mediator or does it have any PPC support like WarpOS?
PPC support as a coprocessor - no, I don't believe anyone has ever looked into it even since there has been such little interest in that regard, but it isn't something that would be impossible to implement if someone where interested.

Mediator - I believe there is code on SVN for it and Prometheus but if they compile/work at all, I do not know. Certainly no drivers have been adapted to work (that would need to change e.g. the window) but again that's not that big a job for anyone seriously interested in seeing them in usable shape.

I realize the thread is AROS68K but if one were to take the assumption that AROS was to be the one Amiga-like OS to rule them all, wouldn't native (not linux hosted) PPC support be a good thing for the NG Amigas as well?
m68k has more interest than PPC it seems.
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