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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It was interesting and fun (and still is) as long as it was/is not too high level: mainly hardware drivers or dos related (dos is always interesting and weird!), gfx.library, especially intuition and other higher level libs/classes/whatever are very uninteresting and also usually they don't just fit nicely with m68k hardware (like planar bitmaps). I am 100% not interested in optimizing that!
I don't entirely believe you - its all just as much fun if you are able to devote the necessary time/resources, but understandably with the amount you have on your hands with WinUAE low level stuff is easier to fit in ;p

Debugging some big program and finally finding out that problem is caused by (for example) some minor header bug (like wrong register parameter or missing declaration that can only affect m68k), is mostly annoying and really boring.
It is tedious for sure - until you fix some really annoying bug that's been impossible to pinpoint, and suddenly the whole system seems to feel more stable/stuff that you didn't expect starts working also ;D
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