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Quick update - I visited my brother today and got my hands on the amiga. When I got home I connected the RF lead (had nothing better) and switched on - fully expecting workbench to load from the hard disk. But nothing happened - just some impatient clicking from the internal floppy.

Turns out it wasnt "his" Amiga at all (with an inbuilt HDD) but actually mine!! I vaguely recall now him asking to borrow mine in the mid 90s...

Anyway - problem is that the Flash card I bought doesnt seem to work so have had to order a compatible one from the folks who sold me the PCMIA kit last week. So hopefully this will arrive in the week and I'll be away with my master plan.

From a quick look at my discs I found multiple copies of Scribble - but only one that seemed to load. The text files are ok though, and from the posts earlier in the thread it seems that I dont really need to worry about actually having a working version of scribble.

What I did find though was a program called Kindwords - which I was using in 1990-91 - and this successfully loaded up some of my text files and enabled me to resave them in ascii.

So quite promising so far - just need the working flash card now!
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