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I agree upto some point:

CBM code was a mess, in that every AmigaOS developer used whatever C and ASM compiler they liked, and then they didnt follow any coding standard, so figuring what two different developers did, requires two totally different aproaches.

Backporting to a standard open source C compiler is a very good idea on AmigaOS components which are not speed or size constrained, which happens in many cases. But where speed and size efficiency are required, ASM is a must and now that PhxAss has become open source, it seems to be a very good candidate.

Then it is pretty reasonable to start working with the core of AmigaOS, which happens to be in the kickstart. Wether those components should still remain in a rom is another matter alltogether.

Also establishing some coding standards, and common tools will help build and enhance the entire OS much more easily.
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