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Originally Posted by ross View Post
Hi wXR, maybe you mean ABIv1...
ABIv0 is not binary compatible with AOS.
thats right. to explain a bit in depth:

abiv0 predates aros kickstart bounty taken finally by skilled developers toni willen and jason mcmullan and amiga-m68k target being brought back from unmaintained. in parallel with 68k port a target has been engage to modernize aros and finally make it conform with initial goals (as i aundewrstand that). this is abiv1.

abiv0 is bing kept around and updated to v1state, where possible and appropriate, for x86 platform backwards compatibility. but it is condidered obsolete. practically all development work is done on abiv1. thats where smp is being implemented.

there is already lot of talk and tension for as soon as possble, and as effective as possible transition to a new default pc platform which appears to be x64 (64bit), possibly with the multicore support.
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