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Originally posted by Akira
Who has a bloody 060? Very few. And PPC cards? even less, and those who have them hate them to bits because they are unreliable and unstable.
I have a PPC/060 and I think it's great. Totally stable, never had any problems whatsoever. You really should stop inventing what other people are thinking and lighten up.

MUI is not important to me. Just made coders lazy enough not to care about coding their GUI system because MUI already handled it for them. If they made their own optimized routines, it would be much better. MUI is as bad as open source libraries (ie they boast people's laziness)
That is one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read on here! Lazy? There's a difference between being lazy and not wanting to reinvent the wheel every time. Functionality in a program is much more important than writing the GUI, but writing the GUI is usually the most time-consuming part. MUI is very stable (contrary to what you seem to believe) and it's better to use a tried-and-tested stable GUI system than write your own and possibly introduce far more bugs into your program. Same comment goes for open-source libraries. And how would you go about writing software for five different plaforms at the same time? Would you write everything yourself five times, waste time writing a cross-platform layer, or just download SDL?

There's just not enough time in the day to go wasting your time writing everything from scratch every time.

Yeah, discuss :P
Discuss this
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