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Commodore boat under Tramiel management was sinking since the 60's, then Irvine Gould came onboard and started injecting millions of dollars to Tramiel's company and eventually Irvine Gould took control (should he drop millions and give the company to Tramiel as a gift?). He was controlling Commodore since the 70's. But Gould didn't care to leave Tramiel to run the company as a one man show and his own combat school aggressive style.

Tramiel's strategy was simple: since we have MOS (that Irvine Gould bought) to build chips for us for almost free we can drop the price to a record low to push the competition out of the market (Tramiel's quote "business is war and i want to win"), plus the fact that so many companies did work with Tramiel and got burned in the past and almost no one wanted to do business with him again.
So the board of directors wasn't happy because he didn't make enough money for their investment because of his aggressive strategies to sent home the competition.
Tramiel was famous for making a product and then no upgrade it, and jump to the next one. So if he was onboard when they had the Amiga, they would cut corners here and there, produce an inferior product that was a tad better than the competition and jump to the next one.

Commodore went down due to Mehdi Ali strategies, announce the next level Amiga (AGA) too short without having actually produced massive numbers of new machines so they created a vacuum, no one wanted ECS machines anymore but they didn't also have AGA machines to supply that people wanted. So no one was buying ECS and they went out of cash. No one was supplying parts to Commodore to build AGA machines due to massive debts so (no parts, no money, no demand for existing ECS stock) they created a black hole that finally absorbed and killed the company.\

PS. About the Lynx, Epyx sold it to Atari after RJ Mical, Dave Morse and Dave Needle had created it. Even though beeing the first color handheld and quite good design it was a massive failure in Tramiel's hands, as all companies that had signed with Epyx to supply parts at low price and support the system fled when Tramiel took control.

They had previous experience with Tramiel and his Atari and had got burned badly.

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