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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
And you gave us just a video of his son saying that "he left because Gould was using Commodore's jet". And then you call this a proof.
From what i know there was a power struggle between the board of directors (whose chairman was Irvine Gould) and Tramiel and why? Because Tramiel was selling too cheap just to drive all competition out of the market, not making enough profit, taking advantage of Commodore's MOS department.
Trying to post Tramiel in a negative light? Better listen to this video at 5:00 and 10:10
[ Show youtube player ]
hahaha... and you listen and believe to this bunch of crying babies?

It is not surprise since RJ Mical and, passed, Dave Needle had bitter experience with their "first color gaming console" aka Atari Lynx. They did not like doing business with Jack so this is some kind of weird retribution of their own to Jack Tramiel.

On other hand, Dave Hayne admit that he just re-tell stories about Jack Tramiel that he heard (since he come to Commodore before Jack leave and had no contact with Jack) from his buddies RJ Mical and Dave Needle.

However, they, RJ Mical and Dave Needle, really managed to portrait Jack Tramiel as a mega-vilan in Amiga users minds, and others, since they use every opportunity to spit on him.

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
They pushed him out of the door. That's why he was so angry too. Commodore was not his company anymore, but Irvine Gould held the strings. If he just left, by his own will, he would take it easy. And why would he leave a company so successful by his own will, a company that he created.
Because he could run company as he would like and think it is the best.
He was super-angry since he spent DECADES in building company and than lost control of it. Wouldn't you?

btw nobody, better listen to neil324 and stop spreading RJ Mical and Dave Needle propaganda!

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I guess the problem was that the visionaries and innovators were not high enough up in C=. What if a Jay Miner or a Chuck Peddle had been given more control?
Good question!
Regarding Chuck Peddle:

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Did they understand economics and finance enough to be effective? How much was luck or the invisible hand a factor? Was C= just lucky in obtaining incredible talent and unlucky in squandering it?
Chuck Peddle insisted to build "office computing" while Jack Tramiel pushed for low-cost, "every home to have a computer" mantra (something that Bill Snakes brag that was his vision (WTF?!) with 120$ MS-DOS) so we get Vic20 and C64, and later Atari ST. They were: "best product for best price" (like Jack used to say).

I will take a break to read rest of comments.
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